Tips to writing a good property listing

A great photo might paint a thousand words, but it’s not the only thing at which a customer looks. Imagine looking to buy and rent a home–you would naturally be attracted to a high-quality, professionally captured image.

Later, you would search for a description. Rarely does a product stop with a photo only. It has to be accompanied by a well-written description text to tell the entire story.

A poorly written description can be a disaster since the viewer might pass on the advertisement. A boring one will not make your property listing stand out, resulting in an opportunity cost. Advertising a property listing is an expense and you want to maximize every bit of it.

Benefits of a Good Property Listing

A prime advantage of presenting a catchy and effective property listing to the public is it can inspire tremendous interest. Drawing plenty of prospects to your property is the best way to gain a broad array of high-quality tenants.

If you’re selling your property, having several showings presents a high likelihood of earning a neat profit from the best sales bid price. This is why a good property listing should never be underestimated.

Here are pointers in crafting a property listing that will spark interest and evoke curiosity from potential buyers or renters:

#1: Listings should be rich with information and details.

Listings must contain basic information about the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the square footage of a property. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to dry and minimal information. Think about what makes your property stand out from other similar properties.

Put yourself in the perspective of your target market. What are you looking for and what’s important to you?

Describe the property using rich details. What type of countertop does your kitchen have? What type of wood flooring?

Describe wooden flooring using rich descriptors

Be specific about the upgrades, brand names and luxury features. Don’t hesitate to highlight the gorgeous features around your neighborhood, as well. For example, this article highlights attractions found in the neighborhoods of Acworth, Georgia.

Talk about location, easy accessibility to transportation, lovely amenities, parking space and nearby local attractions. Is it near convenience shops, community pool, library and parks? Talk about what engages and draws a prospect’s interest.

If it’s case, include information relevant to potential tenants, such as reminding them of the presence of a lease agreement.

When your property is simple, it’s even more important to be descriptive and use words more creatively. Descriptions are what introduce a prospective client to your property and it affects his impression in a big way.

This is your best chance to hog the spotlight and capture a viewer’s attention. If his interest is peaked, he’ll ask for a showing. Now, you’ve achieved your goal.

#2: Refrain from exaggeration.

Even if you’re tempted to oversell your property by using over-hyped language, avoid that tactic. Ground your advertisement with a modest vocabulary. If you make such promises, you risk being unable to meet extremely high expectations of your own doing.

Moreover, don’t use words that are cliche and overused, as they won’t affect the reader. Try to be more specific and concrete when writing, so potential end-users have a more accurate expectation in their minds.

Being careful and honest with your words will serve you well. It makes you more trustworthy and transparent to your prospects. They can even recommend your property to people in their network looking to buy or rent a home.

Never mislead people just to spark interest. It will only backfire on you and make you look desperate as a seller or landlord.

#3: High-quality images are vital.

A prospect will immediately first notice the image shown for a particular property listing. If the image is strong, there will be an inquiry for more information. If the description matches the potential client’s interest, he will arrange for an ocular visit.

If the image and description should interest the viewer to visit

When using pictures, make sure a professional takes them. Professional-grade quality will make your marketing image stand out. It ensures that a viewer can see a great composition with all the significant elements included.

Lighting is key in a good picture. Study different angles in a room and photograph them using good, natural light. Take several and compare them to find which appears best.

Before shooting, make sure the property is clutter-free and looks immaculate. Stylish furnishing will also add to attract the eye. Match what you say in the description with the images, so the target market can see the actual features you’re selling them.

#4: Be transparent when it comes to additional charges.

Interested prospects will value your transparency when it comes to mentioning extra fees, such as a parking fee. If there are deposits and fee amenities to be collected, be clear about this. It will save valuable time and allows the potential tenant or buyer to calculate his total cost when using your property

You want to build proactive communication at the outset. It matters a lot to tenants or buyers who are price conscious and want to know financial costing details. Otherwise, a conflict, one you could have readily avoided simply by being upfront about additional property costs, may occur.

#5: Properly proofread your listing.

When your property listing is not professionally checked, you risk your advertisement not gaining the attention for which you had hoped. Bad grammar and erroneous spelling can turn a prospective client off. Remember that you’re marketing through words only and you want to use flawless language as frequently as possible.

Allot time for proofreading. You can even ask for help from an editor to catch misleading statements and words.

A proofreader can catch anything misleading in the listing

The first impression lasts and a good property listing can make or break the success of attracting your target market. Be discerning with words and reread your property listing description before releasing it to the public.

Bottom Line

A good property listing effectively communicates honesty and humility. Follow these useful tips to incite interest from tenants and buyers.

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