We’ve been leasing and managing single-family homes in the Northwest Corridor for over 20 years. Our results-driven team has leaned on solid ethics and experience to grow our portfolio of managed assets to over $30 million. We’re more excited than ever to announce another  step in our journey, as we officially launch our new online home.

Maintaining a strong digital presence requires innovation and creativity, which is why we sought help from the experts at OpenPotion, the industry’s top developer of property management websites. They’ve helped us achieve our goal of delivering our clients a website that is beautiful, easy to use, and reflective of Haas Properties. We’d love to take a few moments to showcase some of our new features with you.

Learn How our Process Works

We pride ourselves on maximizing the benefits of your rental home. Efficient management, thorough tenant screening, and comprehensive maintenance strategies allow us to offer one of the best products in the industry. Our new site thoroughly explains each step of the rental process, while also outlining how we go above and beyond the competition. The simple interface and responsive design makes it easy for our readers to access the site using a number of different mobile devices and platforms.

Simple Portals for Quick Access to Our Team

Reaching your property manager shouldn’t feel like an impossible mission. We’ve made it easier than ever for our tenants to speak with a member of our team by creating simple portals for paying rent and requesting immediate maintenance services. Our portals share a direct link with our offices, and our staff begins processing information as soon as it’s received.

Meet Our Team

We don’t strive to become the largest firm, just the best. This starts with getting to know our team of experts. Our new site offers in-depth profiles of each staff member, to help you get acquainted right away. Discover who helps keep Haas Properties afloat, and put faces to the names you interact with in our offices.

The launch of our new website marks an exciting milestone for our team. We’d like to extend our gratitude to the talented team of experts at OpenPotion once more. After several months of hard work and collaboration, we’re thrilled to share our new site with the world. We’d also like to invite all of our visitors to peruse the site and learn more about all that we have to offer at Haas Properties.

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