Keeping Maintenance Costs Low

How to Keep Expenses in Check

Say Goodbye to Costly Repair Bills


I'm Losing Too Much Money!

Many landlords bleed money, month after month. By the time you pay for property management and maintenance bills, you could find yourself looking at a tiny profit...or worse, in the red.

We'll often hear clients tell us they can't keep their heads above water, but maintenance costs don't have to break the bank. Savvy clients can combat potential problems by developing a proactive approach to ongoing maintenance and repairs, while also creating a game plan for rainy days in the future.

Do you have a fund set aside for covering unforeseen expenses? Do you replace and repair features in your home before it becomes absolutely necessary? If you answer no to these questions, you're probably losing thousands of dollars in extra costs.

Start Saving NOW

Here's an unpleasant truth about owning a rental property in Atlanta: at one point or another, you'll be on the hook for expensive repairs and maintenance. Appliances break, plumbing fails, and pests attack. Don't find yourself scrambling to come up with the funds to cover these problems.

Instead of waiting for the worst case scenario to surprise you, start a savings fund you can invest into each month. When the time comes to cover an unforeseen cost, you won't be forced to borrow money or stick it all on a credit card, incurring interest and extra fees.


Steer Clear of the "Profit Center"

Think your property manager has your best interest in mind? You might be surprised to learn this isn't always the case. Many large property management firms treat maintenance and inspections as an opportunity to pad their bottom line and make a bit of extra cash.

Fortunately, it's easy to avoid this problem. Instead of choosing a property manager who hits you with hidden fees and charges, work with a small management firm you can trust.

At Haas Properties, we work with a trusted network of vendors who have proven themselves efficient and affordable. We obtain estimates on your behalf and get your approval on large expenses. We never profit off of your misfortune—that's a promise.

Take a Firm, Proactive Approach

Worried about the long term profitability of your home? Stop scrambling to pay maintenance bills and trying to find low cost patches to problems in your rental property. Instead, take a proactive approach that will protect your home's earning potential.

Don't wait until an oven breaks to think about replacing it. Don't let an outdated HVAC system collect dust. Work with your property manager to find areas of your home that can be upgraded or improved.

Proactive replacement of outdated appliances and voluntary upgrades will make your property more attractive to renters, resulting in higher rents. Better yet, by making these investments today, you'll avoid the costly repair bills that all too often accompany properties with outdated features.

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"I have worked with Haas Properties for 8 years—John and his team treated me from the beginning as a partner and valued customer.  I cannot say enough about the relationship and support I have received."

- Bob Hayward | Property Owner


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"Haas Properties does an outstanding job finding reliable tenants in a timely manner, taking care of the property maintenance, keeping our property in a top-notch condition and keeping in touch with us."

- Inna Edsall | Property Owner

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"I continue to respect John's opinion and recommendations, and I rely on his honesty and integrity regarding my home. Knowing that Haas Properties is taking care of my home makes my life easier, especially living 1000 miles away!"

- J Nolen | Property Owner


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"My family and I have used the services of Haas Properties for nearly 5 years now and we couldn't be happier with our choice. John and his team really made it seamless for us and helped to ease our worries while living several hundred miles away."

- Tim Hardin | Property Owner

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