How to Choose a Property Manager

Simple Keys to Help You Make the Right Choice

Finding a Trusted Partner


Trying to find the right property manager in North Atlanta? It's an important choice you won't want to take lightly. As you look at the options in front of you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this property manager experienced?
  • Will I be hit with extra fees and expenses for maintaining the property?
  • Am I more than just a number in the crowd?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?

Of course, there are countless other factors you might want to take into consideration, but these questions offer a great starting point in your search for a local management company. Remember, you're not only picking a company to act as your representative, but you're effectively choosing a partner who will work to keep you profitable.

Eager to learn more? Consider the following keys for finding the right property manager for your home.

Experience Really Counts

Property managers regularly encounter unforeseen surprises. We understand how tempting it can be to partner with an amateur who offers cutthroat rates, but what will that manager do when issues crop up?

An experienced property manager in Atlanta is a resource you don't want to overlook. From dealing with nuisance tenants to handling repairs and inspections, an established pro will take the headache of management out of your hands. Why pay someone to take care of your property if they can't make it easy to be a landlord?

We've been handling rental properties in North Georgia for more than 20 years. We have truly seen it all and we know how to get results quickly. That's something that simply can't be rivaled by the other guys.


Honest Fees = Fewer Problems

Have you been burned by a property manager trying to make a quick buck or two? The best experts in this field don't try to dabble in real estate sales on the side or use maintenance and inspections as an opportunity to pad their bottom line.

Keeping your home profitable takes dedication and close attention to financial expenses. When we handle repairs and maintenance requests for you, we'll keep you in the loop. Want to sign off on unexpected expenses? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

With transparent costs and honest operating methods, you can rest assured your property manager is working efficiently.

One-on-One Guidance is Invaluable

It's not uncommon for one property management company to manage hundreds of rentals, but that's no excuse for neglecting clients. Big firms often lose track of their customers, making you feel like just a number in a long crowd of local landlords.

Partnering with these managers feels frustrating. Is your property performing well? What steps could you take to boost profitability? How can you resolve the problems in your way?

Choose a smaller, independent manager and you won't encounter the same challenge. Our close knit team works hand-in-hand with our clients, providing individual consultations and analysis that's applicable for your property. Never feel like a number again—instead, you're a valued customer we work to keep satisfied.


Problems Happen. We're Prepared.

For landlords, it's not a matter of wondering if something bad will happen, but rather when. Every rental unit has its fair share of challenges that crop up from time to time. Whether it's reoccurring maintenance issues, bad tenants, or emergency situations, it's important to find a prepared property manager who will jump into these scenarios ready for action.

Why do you choose to work with a property manager? You might have a long list of reasons, but peace of mind is likely high on the list. Don't be tempted to work with a property firm that doesn't stand by their promises.

Instead, choose a manager who will proactively solve problems. We're so confident in our services that we offer a full twelve-month tenant guarantee. If your tenant breaks the lease, we'll find you a new one for free.

Trusted in Our Local Community


The Perfect Choice

"I have worked with Haas Properties for 8 years—John and his team treated me from the beginning as a partner and valued customer.  I cannot say enough about the relationship and support I have received."

- Bob Hayward | Property Owner


We Could Not Be Happier

"Haas Properties does an outstanding job finding reliable tenants in a timely manner, taking care of the property maintenance, keeping our property in a top-notch condition and keeping in touch with us."

- Inna Edsall | Property Owner

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Jamie Nolen

I Am Extremely Satisfied

"I continue to respect John's opinion and recommendations, and I rely on his honesty and integrity regarding my home. Knowing that Haas Properties is taking care of my home makes my life easier, especially living 1000 miles away!"

- J Nolen | Property Owner


Courteous and Professional

"My family and I have used the services of Haas Properties for nearly 5 years now and we couldn't be happier with our choice. John and his team really made it seamless for us and helped to ease our worries while living several hundred miles away."

- Tim Hardin | Property Owner

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