How to Find the Best Tenant

Think All Tenants Are the Same? Think Again.

Start Your Rental Agreement on the Right Foot

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What Does the Right Tenant Look Like?

Finding the right renter for our clients’ properties in Northwest Georgia is one of our top priorities for one simple reason: tenants make the difference between smooth sailing and choppy waters for your investment.

With more than 20 years of experience managing rental properties in Northwest Georgia, we know what it takes to make the cut. We're so confident in our abilities, we provide a Twelve-Month Tenant Guarantee. If something goes wrong, we find a new renter for free.

What do we look for when we select the right tenant for your investment property?

A good tenant will save you valuable time because they won’t cause unnecessary issues while renting your unit. The right tenant will also pay their rent on time which is important because timely payments are key to your business’ success.

The right tenant will also be renting long-term to keep you unit consistently occupied. This will help minimise your property’s costs related to turnover rates.

Want to ensure your home finds the right renter? Keep on reading to have the following tips in mind next time you find yourself looking for a new tenant.

Don't Rush into a New Tenant Agreement

Some property management firms offer time guarantees, promising to rent your property in just a few short days. We steer clear of these promises, for one reason: we only want the very best tenants for your rental property.

Connecting with potential renters requires strategic marketing and advertising. We receive numerous applications for our properties in Northwest Georgia, but that doesn't mean we accept just any applicant.

We take the time to thoroughly review every file and make sure that we pick the perfect renter for your rental property.

Every day your home sits vacant, you're losing money. But one nasty tenant could cost you thousands more in damage and unpaid rent. Finding the right occupant takes time, so it’s highly recommended to do your due diligence and avoid rushing your decision.


Create an Attractive Rental Listing

Your rental listing will shape the would-be tenant’s perception of both you and your property. You need to have an attractive ad that easily catches potential tenants’ eye.

Remember, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other rental ads competing for the same attention.

If you choose to work with a property manager like Haas Properties, they should be able to help you craft rental ads that are enticing and illustrative of everything your rental space has to offer.

Market your Property to you Targeted Audience

Once you have crafted your captivating ad, the next step is to market it and make it visible to your targeted audience.

The first thing you can do is a classic; put up a custom-made “For Rent” sign in front of your property.

Next, you should list your property on as many rental listing websites as possible. You can also try running newspaper ads, using word of mount, and incentivizing existing tenants (if you have any) to recommend someone for the listing.

Every day that your property sits vacant you’re losing money. It’s for this reason that we at Haas Properties work tirelessly to ensure that we find a tenant in the least time possible.


Screen All Potential Tenants Effectively

As the expression goes, don't judge a book by its cover. First impressions can be deceiving, which is why you need to screen would-be tenants effectively.

First and foremost, only consider a prospective tenant who is creditworthy. You are taking a larger right when you rent to a tenant who is financially irresponsible.

It’s if you want to be extra cautious, you can always verify their income or call their employer to confirm their employment status.

Another point you can look into is the tenant’s rental history. We at Haas Properties talk to at least two of the tenant’s previous landlords. This helps us get a feel of what kind the tenant is going to be.

We ask the previous landlords questions like: did the tenant pay rent on time? Did the tenant give sufficient notice before vacating the unit? What was the reason for their move?

We understand the importance of performing a thorough background check on all prospective tenants. These are merely a few of the screening strategies we use to ensure we rent to reliable and trustworthy tenants.

We won't simply stick an applicant in one of our properties because we need a renter fast. We take the time to dig deeper and identify potential red flags before they escalate into real problems.

Comply with The Law

There are many laws that shape the landlord and tenant relationship that must always be kept in mind when looking for a new renter.

For example, the Federal Fair Housing Act clearly defines how landlords and property managers should treat all prospective tenants equally.

Though it’s important to look into the specifics of your state’s legislation, this Act touches the entire country. It prohibits landlords from asking discriminatory questions like:

  • Do you go to the church in this neighborhood? Religion is a protected class under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Where do your kids go to school? Familial status is a protected class. Asking a tenant about how many kids they have or where they go to school is discriminative.
  • Are you disabled? By asking this question, a prospective tenant would assume that you don’t rent to disabled people.
  • Where were your parents born? This question is discriminative, as National Origin is a protected class under the Fair Housing Act.


At Haas Properties, we have the skills, experience, and resources to help you find the best tenants for your rental property.

Call us today and let us help you maximize your rental income.


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