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Kennesaw is known to be one of the best places to live in Georgia. With its intricate history layered between its small-town charm, Kennesaw is a lively area. The community is inclusive and welcoming. Not too far from Kennesaw is downtown Atlanta, if you’re looking for the fast-paced feel of the city while living in a gorgeous, quaint town.

The charming area of Kennesaw offers more than any other. Year-round, you’ll find engaging community events and prospects for outdoor activities. With its highly rated school options, as well as employment opportunities, Kennesaw is perfect for raising families.

If you’re debating the possibility of moving to Georgia, look no further than Kennesaw. In this article, we list the reasons why living in Kennesaw offers the best quality of life. Below are Kennesaw’s highlights:


Kennesaw offers several top-notch schools for all levels of education. It prides itself on its reputation for a quality education system. Their multitude of education options acts as the foundation of Kennesaw’s thriving career market, as they raise the future of the city. Additionally, schools provide a whole area of work for those in the education field.

The schools in Kennesaw prepare students for the world ahead and it shows in their successes. SAT scores from Kennesaw rank significantly higher than the state and national average. Here are some of the schools located in the area:

Elementary Schools

Kennesaw offers high quality education options

  • Hayes Elementary School
  • Kennesaw Elementary School
  • Kennesaw Charter School

Middle Schools

  • Awtrey Middle School
  • Barber Middle School
  • McClure Middle School
  • Palmer Middle School
  • Pine Mountain Middle School

High Schools

  • Harrison High School
  • Kell High School
  • Kennesaw Mountain High School
  • North Cobb High School

Post-Secondary Schools

Rich History

When living in Kennesaw, you are in the thick of the community’s intricate historical significance. The city has kept its rustic appearance while continuing to develop its amenities according to the current times.

Kennesaw is known for it being the Atlantic city’s first development of the Western and Atlantic Railroad. This expansion to Kennesaw highlights an important part of Georgia’s history. The railroad was the stage for the Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War. Folks can learn more about the history of Kennesaw by visiting the Southern Museum.

Outdoor activities

Kennesaw offers plenty of ways for one to spend a day out amongst nature. Visit the Smith-Gilbert Gardens for a relaxing walk alongside beautiful flowers and sculptures, a surefire way to make you feel at peace. You can also bring the whole family to some of the various parks Kennesaw has to choose from. A variety of recreational, outdoor activities can be accomplished, from hiking or biking some of the available trails, to simply putting out a picnic and enjoying the day.

spend time in one of Kennesaw's many parks

The following are some of Kennesaw’s best parks:

Swift-Cantrell Park

This park is the largest in Kennesaw and has plenty of activities to engage in. With two large-scale playgrounds and several picnic pavilions, it’s the perfect spot for a day out with family. Additionally, his park also has a dog park, splash pad, and wellness area, so there’s something for everyone!

Kennesaw Skatepark

An extra part of Swift-Cantrell is especially for the skaters in the area. The skatepark is 40,000 sq. ft and is certified as a proper skate park. Any fan of all things skateboarding will be found here.

Adams Park

If you’re looking for a park that has the right facilities for your sport of choice, this is the right place. This park has six baseball diamonds, four softball fields, one soccer field, plus two tennis courts.  It also features batting cages, playgrounds, and concession buildings. Theirs is everything you could want from a community park here.

Depot Park

For more of Kennesaw’s history, come to Depot Park. While there are a playground and open playing area, Depot Park is usually where many community events take place. The Carrie House located on-site is a small building from 1890 and many art showings and other gatherings are held. This park is also where the ancient train depot and tunnel Amphitheatre are located.


While Kennesaw has the outlook of a quaint, quiet town, it is actually booming in entertainment options galore! Especially for families, fun activities can be found both in indoor and outdoor settings.

Kennesaw offers so many activities for kids and families

Kennesaw also holds anticipated, annual events, for everyone to attend. Their most recognized event is the Big Shanty Festival, during which they have live music, as well as a variety of arts and food booths.

Culinary scene

Kennesaw offers an array of dining options to choose from. Every summer, their farmer’s market is open for residents to enjoy the pickings of local farmers. They sell organic produce, baked goods, and unique items of décor, to name a few. Moreover, during this time, their food truck season also ensues, to offer a ton of different flavors in one place.

In a Nutshell: Living in Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw provides a quality of life that’s hard to find elsewhere. With everything that this closely-knit city has to offer, consider moving to Kennesaw and experiencing its amenities for yourself. If you’re considering purchasing a property in Kennesaw, don’t hesitate to contact Haas Properties. We have the experience and skills to make the location transition a smooth one.