How to Make the Ultimate Video Walkthrough Tour

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, all too often, photos can lack the sense of space prospects seek from property listings. The best way to fill this gap is for property owners to create a video walkthrough tour.

Sometimes photos don’t measure up to expectations. A video can provide more visual dimensions and estimates. In fact, it’s also a good idea to incorporate people in the video to provide a sense of proportion.

Putting out your first video might be challenging at first, but with time and constant practice, you’ll master the essentials.

To start, here are some recommendations to integrate in your video walkthrough tour:

1. Map a Route

Before filming, establish the flow of your video. You must have a clear idea of the order of your navigation. For example, you’ll shoot the entry way, then proceed to the living area, kitchen, dining and so on.

It’s even better if you practice a few times so your movement is smoother. It’s also a good way to avoid forgetting specific areas.

2. Organize With a List

It’s best to write a list. This preparation stage makes efficient use of your time. For example, your first scene will showcase your curb appeal. You can list down shooting with a focus on the main door security features, the tidy landscape and overall property space.

By listing shots, you have a mental vision of the video flow. It guides you where to go next and which features to highlight.

3. Emphasize Coziness

Home is a place where people can relax and let their hair down. It’s crucial to send out this vibe. For example, you can focus on the bedroom and make the bed and other furniture look super comfortable with fluffy pillows and clean bedsheets.

make rental look cozy

Little details can enhance the warm vibe of a property. You can even hire actors to portray a homey lifestyle. This way, a potential tenant can envision living in the property.

4. Pay Attention to the Camera Movement

The more varied the video shots, the more interesting it looks rather than shooting from a single, standard angle. You can try different types of movements; a floor to ceiling shot, and panning from left to right and right to left. You can also include some zoom actions, but avoid overusing them.

Always be mindful of the camera’s position and pick the best angles. The video should capture the property’s best features.

5. Use a Traditional Landscape Format

A landscape setting ensures the entire property is captured compared to the portrait format. The latter will show negative space at the sides when uploaded since the 16:9 ratio is preferred as a format for most digital platforms.

Your purpose is to capture more details in your video, so filming horizontally is always a better alternative.

6. Frame Better Shots

Research camera shot framing before shooting. There are techniques that are more visually attractive. You want to draw focus on the selling points of your property. For example, you can position your shots to capture the balcony, fireplace, modern kitchen appliances or whatever features you want to market.

Let your shots be purposeful and move the camera deliberately. If it’s too fast, the audience won’t recognize and appreciate the features you’re promoting.

7. Keep Your Video Clips Short

5-10 second clips are sufficient. You want to stay away from boring the viewers. Most viewers are scrollers and will quickly leave a video when it gets too long. That’s why shorter videos are more effective.

keep video clips short

Get right to the point and show the best features of your property from the start of the video. This will incentivize the audience to finish until the end. Time is essential since you will need to compete with a variety of distractions the viewer is exposed to.

8. Include a CTA (Call-to-Action)

A CTA is a statement that’s critical in motioning your viewer to take action. For starters, ask yourself what the purpose of creating a video walkthrough tour is. If you want them to contact your number, then display the information prominently at the start.

Making your CTA obvious and specific will avoid confusion for the viewer. Avoid lengthy CTA as this will have little impact for a busy/distracted viewer. Align your objective with the CTA and you’ll engage your audience better.

9. Video Style and Music Settings

Numerous video themes and templates are available for you to use. Mentally picture what type of property video you want to produce. Since you’re marketing a property, a polished look and professional touch is recommended. Too many stylistics can make it look like a music video, so pick a straightforward theme.

For music, avoid overly trendy and loud scores. This will detract attention from the video and make the music the central piece. Don’t let that happen by picking general music to play in the background.

10. Go For a Good Video Editing Software

A vast array of editing programs exists in the market. You can choose among Filmora, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Vimeo, iMovie and plenty more. A good video software can level up your video quality.

video editing software

Raw videos are not pretty to look at. It’s better to enhance them and make the results look professional. Viewers can usually tell amateur video output from those created using great editing software. Presently, great video content is abundant, so make sure your video stands out.

11. Multiple Channel Publishing

A property owner’s goal is to generate more leads by making a video walkthrough tour. Once it’s finished, it’s time to publish the video on different platforms for more views.

Upload it on your own rental property website, YouTube, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and popular MLS websites like Trulia.

Bottom Line

Video walkthrough tours are powerful marketing mediums, so maximize the benefits. While filming a video, never lose sight of your end goals and always think of what your target market wants to see. If you remember these points, you’ll be able to create an effective property marketing video that will gain you more prospects.

If you need help producing a video walkthrough tour, marketing your rental or managing it altogether, contact us at Haas Properties today!