Marketing for real estate, whether for sales or property management, is a multi-faceted topic. We could speak about it for hours. Today, we’re talking about what helps us get your house rented in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. We’ll assume your home is listed or going to be listed on all the major rental websites and the MLS, and that there will be a highly visible sign in the yard.

Making Your Property Appealing

Let’s start with the product we’re marketing – your property. Keep in mind that good tenants want a good quality house, and we all want good tenants. Bad tenants don’t care about the condition of your house. They’ll take anything as is. And let’s face it – really good tenants are hard to find, generally speaking. They will not be interested in your house if it does not meet their expectations. Your house needs great curb appeal. Many prospective tenants drive by a home before making a call. If they don’t like what they see, we’ll never hear from them.

Advertise Strategically and Accurately

Another area of concern is honest advertising. Your home must match what is advertised. We have to present your house in its best possible light, but we don’t want to use old, outdated photos that don’t look like the house today. If you’re advertising a 4 bedroom house and the prospect arrives to find a 3 bedroom house with a partially finished room in the basement, you’ll lose that tenant.

High quality pictures are necessary to show all aspects of the home. Reduce vacancy time by advertising at least a month before your current tenant moves out. A good rental agreement will stipulate that your existing tenants will allow the house to be shown before the lease ends.

Showing Your Property

Once we get inquiries, we make appointments to show the home. This can become one of the more frustrating parts of renting a home. You’ll schedule an appointment for Sunday afternoon, and you’re certain that this tenant is The One. So, you get there half an hour early to make sure it looks good and it’s clean. You wait and wait, but no one shows up. They don’t even call. After an hour, you head home. You’ve just wasted two or more hours of your precious Sunday afternoon with nothing to show for it. Our job is to reduce the chances of this happening. As a property management company, we cannot afford to be stood up for showings. So we use some very good techniques. If it’s an individual showing, we insist the prospect texts us an hour before the appointment to confirm. If they don’t message us, we don’t go. We also use the open house method. You can schedule multiple appointments during a one or two hour window. This can be hectic, but it’s also efficient. It generates a sense of urgency among prospects who arrive at the same time. We also receive multiple applications at many open houses.

Some property managers will place a special lockbox on the house and let prospective tenants have full access to the home without supervision. This may save money, but it has many shortcomings. Besides the obvious, people have access to the house with no supervision. You can also only use this method once a home is vacant, and How to Market Your Georgia Investment Rental Property for Sales and Leasingremember we want the home shown before your current tenant moves out. So, we want to be there. With the assistance of a leasing agent, many attributes of the home are shared.

As I stated before, marketing for real estate is a multi-faceted topic. Over the many years in this industry, we have become good at marketing homes. So, if you have any questions, please contact us at Haas Properties.