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– John Haas, Owner

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Explore Alpharetta's Appeal

Alpharetta is an affluent community seated in the heart of Fulton County. This beautiful city was chartered in 1858, and today Alpharetta serves as home for nearly 60,000 residents.

A robust local economy helps keep Alpharetta a competitive marketplace in North Georgia, with a wide assortment of established businesses operating in the community. Among the more notable companies with local operations are multinational brands like General Electric, Ernst & Young, and AT&T.

Alpharetta is a veritable commercial destination in its own right, which gives residents plenty of options for entertainment and shopping. North Point Mall, one of Atlanta's premium upscale shopping centers, sits within the boundaries of Alpharetta. Avalon is another popular commercial development in the community, home to brands like Whole Foods, L'Occitane, and Banana Republic.

Local Property Management Team

Alpharetta's many amenities and attractions have helped make the city a particularly popular destination for new residents, contributing to significant growth in recent years. When it comes to managing a local property, it's important to deploy a customized marketing strategy to ensure each home finds the right tenant.

At Haas Properties, we start the process on the right foot, rigorously screening every applicant and working diligently to connect with renters in Alpharetta. Once a tenancy begins, our small team strives to maintain tenant satisfaction, while simultaneously keeping our clients abreast of new developments.

Our proven management style has served us well for more than 20 years in North Georgia.


A Transparent Real Estate Partner

We understand how important it is to partner with a property manager who offers honest guidance, straight-forward answers, and trustworthy solutions. Maintaining the integrity of our business is of utmost importance for every member of our team. Tired of feeling like nothing more than a number on a page? We're a small operation that treats every client like our number one priority.

Of course, keeping costs in check is another important goal for many landlords in Alpharetta. Unlike some of the other guys, we're not a profit center that uses in-house maintenance to pad our bottom line. Instead, we've developed a network of trusted contractors who service our properties and keep maintenance costs under control.

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Advantages of Working With Us!

1. Lower Your Property’s Vacancy Rates

Every landlord in Alpharetta, Georgia dreads having a vacant rental property. It means that there won’t be any rental income coming in at the end of the month.

It also means that you’ll have to look elsewhere for funds to settle any expenses that your property incurs that month (mortgage payments, maintenance costs and more).

Such expenses may include taxes, mortgage, utilities and insurance. Reducing your vacancy rate is therefore important to the success of your rental business.

When you choose Haas Properties these worries become a thing of the past. We’ll handle vacancies, and their related chores, for you.

Our years in the industry has allowed the team at Haas Properties to understand how to acquire the most qualified tenants for your Alpharetta rental property.


2. Rent to the Right Tenants

The right tenant will take care of your property, pay rent on time, and will be a long-term renter.

These valuable tenants are the difference between smooth sailing and choppy waters for your real-estate investment.

Finding such tenants requires specific tools and experience that Haas Properties is able to provide for your search.

We also have an extensive screening process for prospective tenants to make sure that only the best and most reliable choices get to rent your property.


3. Set the right Rental Price

Haas Properties will also help you calculate a strategic price for your Alpharetta rental property’s rent.

The last thing you want is to be overcharging or undercharging your tenants.

Overcharging will only make it harder for you to get a tenant.

Undercharging will mean less rental income at the end of the month.

It goes without saying that neither of these scenarios is good for your business.

When you hire us, we’ll help you determine the right rent amount to achieve maximum profits for your Alpharetta rental property.


4. Collect Rent Efficiently

Rent is everything when it comes to managing a successful rental business. How the rent collection process is handled has a huge impact on that success.

At Haas Properties, we have the necessary tools and resources to make rent collection easy and convenient for everyone involved.

We’ll also help you include certain rent terms in your lease in order to minimize confusion or misunderstandings when it comes to rent.

Such terms will help define aspects of the collection process, like:

  • The exact rent amount due every month.
  • When and where the rent is due.
  • The accepted payment methods.
  • The amount of grace period, if applicable.
  • The amounts set for late fees, if applicable.
  • Penalties for a bounced check.


5. Make Sure that Your Property is Legally Compliant

As a landlord or a property manager, it is always critical to make sure your property is in compliance with the law.

Do you know what the implications of the Fair Housing law entails?

Do you understand Georgia security deposit laws?

And the habitability laws?

When you decide to work with us, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our team of experts are up-to-date with these laws and more.


6. Allow You Easy and Convenient Access to Performance Reports

We understand how important efficiency and convenience is to our clients.

As our client, you’ll have an online portal where you’ll be able to monitor your property’s performance at all times.


7. Simplify the Eviction Process for You

Evicting a tenant is never easy.

The process can be lengthy, costly, and time-consuming.

But by working with us, we know how to handle it in the shortest and most cost-efficient way possible.

If it comes to it, you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll do everything for you while keeping you updated throughout the process.


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"I have worked with Haas Properties for 8 years—John and his team treated me from the beginning as a partner and valued customer.  I cannot say enough about the relationship and support I have received."

- Bob Hayward | Property Owner

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We Could Not Be Happier

"Haas Properties does an outstanding job finding reliable tenants in a timely manner, taking care of the property maintenance, keeping our property in a top-notch condition and keeping in touch with us."

- Inna Edsall | Property Owner

A Recognized Leader

Jamie Nolen

I Am Extremely Satisfied

"I continue to respect John's opinion and recommendations, and I rely on his honesty and integrity regarding my home. Knowing that Haas Properties is taking care of my home makes my life easier, especially living 1000 miles away!"

- J Nolen | Property Owner


Courteous and Professional

"My family and I have used the services of Haas Properties for nearly 5 years now and we couldn't be happier with our choice. John and his team really made it seamless for us and helped to ease our worries while living several hundred miles away."

- Tim Hardin | Property Owner

Why You Really Want Haas Properties To Manage Your Rental

You're more than a number to our team.

We Only Offer Property Management

Avoid working with firms who juggle real estate sales, development, & property management simultaneously. We focus exclusively on rental property management which allows us to deliver results to every client we represent. Unlike the other guys, keeping you profitable is our number one concern.

We Have a Proven Track Record

With over $40 million in managed assets, our portfolio speaks for itself. Haas Properties has successfully managed homes for hundreds of clients over the course of the past twenty years. We're experienced professionals who have seen and handled every fathomable challenge a landlord can experience in his/her rental.

Clear & Upfront Pricing - No Hidden Fees

Ask any one of our clients and you'll hear the same feedback: we prioritize authenticity and honesty. Don't find yourself struggling with hidden fees or facing unexpected maintenance bills. Instead, work with a property management group that puts your home first and provides you with upfront guidance to maximize the return on your investment.

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