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How Much Is My Rental Worth?

We want you to receive the right price for your property, which is why we use an assortment of different factors to price your home. We look at the local market, using comparable properties, current demand, and location to help us price accurately.

How Long Will It Take to Find a Renter?

Vacant homes lose money for every day they sit empty. To combat this problem, we begin our marketing and advertising process a full 45 days before the home becomes vacant. We utilize a unique assortment of advertising tools to connect with potential tenants, and we aggressively screen applications as soon as they're received.

On average, it takes us two to three weeks to find the right tenant.

What Happens if my Tenant Doesn't Pay Rent?

We take late rent payments very seriously. We issue reminders on the 2nd of the month and we file a dispossessory at the County Magistrate Court on the 6th.

If necessary, a hearing is held within 10 days and possession is given within 20 days from the date filed.

We handle all of these responsibilities, at no additional cost to our clients.

Do You Handle Maintenance and Repairs?

We intentionally keep our business separate from the maintenance needs of our rental properties. Some property management firms operate like a profit center, using maintenance requests as an opportunity to pad their bottom line. At Haas Properties, we work with insured, certified vendors who perform the work quickly and efficiently.

We obtain multiple quotes whenever possible, and we obtain approval before authorizing work in our homes. Best of all, you won't pay any markup for the service. The invoice we receive is the invoice you pay.

How Often is My Home Inspected?

We perform three standard inspections over the course of a tenancy. The initial inspection occurs at move-in and the final occurs at move-out.

We also inspect before the six-month mark of the lease. This inspection ensures that no problems have developed in the property. By inspecting mid-tenancy, we work to identify potentially devastating situations before they escalate.

How Do You Handle Damage?

We're committed to thoroughly screening our tenants, which is why we offer a comprehensive tenant guarantee for every client. This vetting process eliminates many of the problems landlords face with problematic tenants.

If damage does occur, it will be assessed at move-out. All repairs will be deducted from the security deposit.

What Happens If a Tenant Breaks His Lease?

If tenants wish to vacate the property of their own accord, they must provide 60 days written notice, pay a two month early termination fee, and pay rent through the termination date. We will begin marketing and advertising the property as soon as we receive notification of the tenant's desire to vacate, which helps protect your cash flow.

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"Haas Properties does an outstanding job finding reliable tenants in a timely manner, taking care of the property maintenance, keeping our property in a top-notch condition and keeping in touch with us."

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"I continue to respect John's opinion and recommendations, and I rely on his honesty and integrity regarding my home. Knowing that Haas Properties is taking care of my home makes my life easier, especially living 1000 miles away!"

- J Nolen | Property Owner


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"My family and I have used the services of Haas Properties for nearly 5 years now and we couldn't be happier with our choice. John and his team really made it seamless for us and helped to ease our worries while living several hundred miles away."

- Tim Hardin | Property Owner

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